Prayer for Rain Cover - reduced size

Trevor Larson’s future looks bright. He’s a young and gifted singer-songwriter ready to chase the dream and make his mark in the world of music. But a devastating accident takes it all away, and leaves him physically and emotionally scarred.

As he rebuilds his life as an architect, he wrestles with his own self-worth. When he discovers new ways to express himself musically, his physical appearance gives rise to a new musical persona which propels him into a world for which he is not prepared. Ultimately, he must decide if his renewed dream of stardom is worth sacrificing his true identity as an artist and a person.

Set to an eclectic sound track as people come and go in Trevor’s life, A Prayer for Rain deals with the timeless themes: Respect. Contentment. Friendship. And of course, love. It delivers hope when all seems lost.

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