These are songs I’ve written, as opposed to songs written by others, which you will find in the Music tab.  And calling this collection songs is a bit of a stretch.  Maybe someday they’ll be set to music.  For now, it’s a way to find what I’m looking for.

carnival dreams – it happened one summer

and here comes the man – who are you?  who am I?  we are who we are.

tomorrow will come – because tempus fugit

Savannah – lost love.  literally.  where did she go?

the girl from the bakery – who can resist the girl from the bakery?

when you’re here – well, ok.  looks like it all worked out.

The Ballad of the Boy from Quincy – a story from the old days.  boy meets girl.

North Wind – life can be hard, you know?

Music of my day. – a song about music.

vanity – not sure this is really a song.  never heard the music in my head.  but there’s rhythm that makes me think that there might be something there.

whisper hello (a love song) – another song about lost love

just another day – it would take someone like Dylan to be able to pull this off.  still…