my friend, Chuck – an old friend of mine is facing a hard recovery.

rest a little longer – because this winter seems like it’s never ending.

monika – a young lady from Switzerland rides a subway by herself.

she wasn’t supposed to go there by herself – a young girl at the cemetery.

questions – sometimes when i’m not feeling creative, this is the reason.

today there is peace – a Christmas prayer

vanity – the things we do for attention

whisper hello (a love song) – when love goes bad (of course, what else?)

Blessings – a Thanksgiving prayer

and it was – a late summer night

My Conversation – just crazy word play, man.

See – can you see the truth?

The Porch – come.  sit a spell.

Plato’s Academy, by David Hannan

Walkers – people you think you know

Almost – an oblique poem based on a true event

The Beaches – a song by the Avett Brothers

Afternoon Poem – a little sarcasm here.

Blue – a drive

She walks. – poetry by Larry Ellis

Whisper – simplicity

Poetry Jag – poetry by Larry Ellis

A Walk to the Pier – a personal, family-oriented story

To the Beach We Go – poetry by GMcB

The Bench – talking to a friend

A Sunday Meeting – a helping hand.

Sid – memories from long ago.

She Flies – the beauty of dance.

A Toast – from my novel, Song of the Lost

Day is Dark – from my novel, Three Seconds

Ain’t Happening – my first attempt at poetry.