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She flies.

All grace, flowing and free.
For a moment she is splendor.
She will always be
a dancer.

She flies.
Into his arms, sure and strong.
Together they are elegance.
She will always be
a dancer.

She flies.
Strength, beauty, trust.
One voice, one spirit.
She will always be
a dancer.

She flies.

copyright 2014, joseph e bird

We can’t talk dance, without talking about Misty Copeland.

black or white

I wish I could write.
I wish I could play the guitar.
I wish I could sing.
I wish I could draw.
I wish I could take beautiful photographs.
I wish I could make people laugh.
I wish I could tell an interesting story.
I wish I could make a difference.
I wish I could dance.

Like this:

the evolution of tap

a stick on a hollow log
a message

two sticks
tap tap
tap tap
tap tap

three raps
ta tap tap
ta tap tap
ta tap tap
a beat

head bobbin
toe tap
toe tap
toe tap

can’t stop
heel toe
heel toe
tap a rappin tap
dancing, baby

copyright 2017, joseph e bird

dig the Nicholas Brothers

And we danced.

We danced.
And we fell in love.
Not with each other.
There was too much
reality between us
for something as
foolish as that.

We danced.
And we fell in love.
With the future.
With the possibilities
and potentials
and why nots
that might ever be.

We danced.
And we fell in love.
Because there was joy.
With just that
simple act of moving
and swaying and touching
as the music played.

We danced.
And fell in love.
Not forever, of course.
The music would end
and we would sit
and our troubles
would return.

We danced.
And I fell in love.
Yes. With you.
Because our moment
was timeless
and your laughter
is with me always.

copyright 2017, joseph e bird

Al Pacino’s character in Scent of a Woman, Frank Slade, is a retired Army colonel who’s having a tough time dealing with the loneliness in his life. He hires a college student (played by a very young Chris O’Donnel) to take him around for one last hurrah before he gives up on life. Did I mention that Frank Slade is blind? In the scene below, he dances the tango with a beautiful young woman and for a moment, remembers the joy that is possible.

That’s what dancing can do.


Ever notice my profile pic? Looks like I could break out in song on a moment’s notice, right? When I was still on Facebook, I had the same photo on my Facebook page. One day an old friend, a very accomplished musician, saw my picture, stopped by my office and invited me to join him and his friends for their jam sessions. Sounds cool. But just because I’m holding a guitar doesn’t mean I’m good enough to join in with real musicians.

I declined.

There’s a lesson in that little story.

There are lessons in all good stories, even stories that are completely made up. Fiction, in other words. In fiction, we meet people, get to know them, and learn from their mistakes. We feel their pain, rejoice in their victories. Kind of like life.

I’ve heard people say they only read stories that are real. They mean history, biographies, and reference and self-improvement books. All good and beneficial. But by skipping fiction altogether, they’re missing nourishment for the heart and soul.

Same with art. And music. And dance. And poetry. And other forms that engage the right side of the brain.

Relying on feelings too much can get is trouble. But we risk missing out on so much if we live only in logic and reason.

“We dance for laughter,
we dance for tears,
we dance for madness,
we dance for fears,
we dance for hopes,
we dance for screams,
we are the dancers,
we create the dreams.”  — attributed to Albert Einstein

Uber Cool

Warning:  Watching these videos may indirectly cause broken ankles.  From my friend Donna over at MyOBT.

Berry Picking



groovy groovy jazzy funky

US 3 – Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)

Out of Sight

What’s a Funky Friday without James Brown?

Yo. It’s Elvis.

Time to boogie, cool cats. 

I dare you to sit still while watching this.  It’s a Junkie XL remix (?). There are about three different dance styles in this video I’d love to be able to do.  I think the dude doing the James Brown shuffle (yes, this time i mean THAT James Brown) near the end is my favorite.

What’s your style?



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