When was the last time you did this?

On my way home this evening, I drove by one of those little roadside parks and saw this kid, a girl maybe 15 or 16, giving it all she had on a swing, oblivious to everything around her.  She was in her own world, and you could tell.

It made me want to go home and do the same.

There’s something about a swing.  You can take it nice and easy, like me in the video, or you can go scary high.  Either way, it just seems to make all the troubles of the day fade away.  Maybe it’s the weightless feeling you get at the apex.  Maybe it’s the centrifugal force that gives you a rush.  Maybe it’s just fun.

I’m an old dude, but I’m here to testifty that swinging is good for any body, any time, any age.

As Al Davis might have said, “Just swing, baby.”