It was twenty degrees this morning when I got to work, the daylight still dim.  As usual, I parked in the alley to go in the back door near my office.

On the steps, huddled against the brick wall trying to keep warm, was a young man, his head down, nestled in his arms.

“Are you ok?” I asked.

He looked up.  “Yeah. It’s cold.”  He put his head back down.

“Can I get you anything?”

“No,” he said without looking up.  “Thanks.”

I went inside and got him a cup of coffee in a go cup.

“Thanks,” he said as he took it, not looking at me.

I went back inside, not sure of what else to do.  Others came in.  Then I remembered the coat I keep in my office for when I get chilly.  Yeah, I have a spare coat for those days when I’m freezing.

Sometimes we need an adjustment in our perspective.

I would give him my spare coat.

I looked out my window and he was gone.