Here’s what’s fun about writing.

First, the concept of my work in progress, the log line, if you will.

Trevor Larson is a promising young singer-songwriter until an accident leaves him unable to play, and as he finds a new direction for his life, he is plagued by poor decisions as he clings to his dream of being a musician.

I painstakingly outlined the story from beginning to end in three acts. I developed the main and secondary characters in detail and the roles they would play in the story.  I created chapter summaries. As I began working on the story, I’ve made minor changes to everything along the way.

Around Chapter 8 or 9, I introduced a few tertiary characters who served a purpose, but were supposed to go away. Most of them did. But Dani insisted on showing up again in Chapter 10.  And Chapter 11.  And she’s still there in Chapter 12.  She went from tertiary to secondary a long time ago.

The fun part is that she is developing a very interesting relationship with Trevor.  This wasn’t supposed to happen.  But there’s a chemistry between the two that’s undeniable.  Good old-fashioned girl meets boy.

Just like Trevor’s life, this story is taking an unexpected path.  This is why I like to write.