My shoes will pat the pavement,
In rhythms strong and sure,
Though miles to go and hills to climb,
I’m certain to endure.

The sun is soft, the air is cool,
And gentle on my face.
The wind blows light upon my back,
As if to speed my pace.

One mile, two miles, feels so good,
Then I start upon the climb.
The legs move slow, but steady still,
My strength is past its prime.

My breath comes hard and labored,
My body screams for air.
I pump my arms and power on,
And pray unspoken prayer.


Were life the flats on sunny days,
We’d run the course with ease.
As if we knew the answers, all,
To questions as we please.

There’re hills and rain and dogs that bark,
There’s worry that won’t end.
There’s snow and wind and knees that ache,
And sadness for a friend.

The body’s weak, the spirit flawed,
Ourselves we will betray.
But we’ll keep on running up the hill,
To have another day.

Rejoice, give thanks, the summit reached,
The effort strong and pure.
Though weak and tired and tested now,
I’m certain to endure.