It’s unlike anything you’ve read before.

Carl Campbell lived for one thing: basketball.

Regrets? Plenty.

But only after he is dead.

In the latest novel by Larry Ellis, Overtime: A Basketball Parable, Coach Carl Campbell – post mortem – sits on a bench behind the goal of a run-down, outdoor basketball court and reflects on his life as he watches young versions of his former players shoot hoops.  It is a kind of purgatory that forces Campbell to reevaluate the decisions he made and the opportunities he missed, hoping to find a sliver of redemption.

In Overtime, there are basketball scenes, but it’s not a sports book.  There is unrequited love, but it’s not a romance.  And of course there is the spirit? ghost? of Carl Campbell, but it’s not a paranormal mystery.

It’s just a good story with unusual characters that will stay with you long after you’ve finished the book.