Yeah, I’m on an Avett Brothers kick right now.

I’m pondering my next fiction post.  I have two choices in front of me.

One is an excerpt from the James and Katherine novel in progress which introduces another character, Warren Carter, aka, Jar.  But I’m wondering whether it’s worthwhile to throw the reader into the middle of a novel with little context just for the sake of a snippet of the larger story.

The other possibility is a short-story.  Unlike the Shelly Wallingford saga, this one is more somber and has the potential to be misunderstood.  It’s about a young man’s struggle with guilt and the concept of forgiveness.  So I don’t know.

Any thoughts?

I’ll make up my mind tomorrow.  Today, I’m on my way to Lexington.  For now, enjoy this tune from the Avett Brothers.  It’s not as dark as the title suggests.  And the lyrics are very poetic.

Murder in the City