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She walks.

snowy neighborhood for web

It was another snowy night.

Larry Ellis lives in the same neighborhood I do. The scene last night was much like the photo above.  In the middle of the snow storm, he looked out his window and saw a young woman walking down the street, all alone in her world of white.  He wrote this:

She walks through the snow as if walking through time
The storm had covered all, erasing the present
Yesterday’s litter, this year’s rust, the cracks in the pavement
All gone under white
The streetlights, the porchlights, the moonlight and starlight
All combine tonight
Every line is straight and even, every wall upright
And she comes walking through as if from the past
As if from another world: maybe this perfect, soundless world
She walks alone and seems unworried
Unaffected by this that has kept every car in its garage
And has closed the schools and churches
Is her coat, so perfectly fitting
From another day?
Does she walk to some grand house
Now long vanished
That has reappeared in the throes of this storm?
That house where yellow light from tall windows
Makes bright rectangles on the snow in the lawn?
Will there be someone at that door to meet her
Someone to take her coat?
Candles and wine on the table
And a fire in the hearth?

Copyright 2016, Larry Ellis

Winter Wonderland

Ok, so this has nothing to do with the arts directly, though one could argue the photographs are quite nice and therefore this link has earned its place here.  And if you’re looking for photo-ops, Blackwater Falls State Park in West Virginia is a beautiful place any time of year.  I’ve been fortunate to have been involved in many projects at the Park and the folks at Cheat Mountain Adventures have captured the latest beautifully.  Check it out.

Blackwater Falls Sled Park

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