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the evolution of tap

a stick on a hollow log
a message

two sticks
tap tap
tap tap
tap tap

three raps
ta tap tap
ta tap tap
ta tap tap
a beat

head bobbin
toe tap
toe tap
toe tap

can’t stop
heel toe
heel toe
tap a rappin tap
dancing, baby

copyright 2017, joseph e bird

dig the Nicholas Brothers

just another day

druggers dealin
thievers wheelin
no one feelin

it just another day


money grubbin
bangers drubbin
killers rubbin

can’t turn my head away


stars is skyin
skin be vyin
eyes aint lyin

they just a tired cliche


body slowin
days be goin
we be knowin

dem bones they will decay


songs we singin
ink we slingin
life we bringin

tomorrow on its way


can’t stop movin
still be provin
always groovin

it just another day

copyright 2016, joseph e bird

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