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folk music

the narcs were narcing

I’m a sucker for story-telling in song. I’ve never really listened to much John Prine but this morning this song popped up my YouTube playlist. I was mesmerized. Enjoy.

hows bout some woody guthrie?

via the Avett Brothers.

Written by folk legend Woody Guthrie, the counter-culture revolutionary. The bros do it true to the original version, but the black and white portraiture is a bonus.

I didn’t know this, but Woody died of Huntington’s disease, which was passed down from his mother and then passed on to his daughters.

keep your hand on that plow, hold on

or maybe this version…

another song

this is exceptional songwriting.

boze naigle

another musical discovery, boze naigle, the alt hip hop artist on the west coast. this video is a low-key, black and white production to create that retro feel. and i like the casual use of the cue cards, just enough self-conscious to throw the timing off, like he really doesn’t care.  that’s the essence of boze.  cool urban poet.

nah. i’m just kidding about all that. it’s robert zimmerman, of course. 50 years ahead of his time.

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